The Harmonica Lewinskies "Dad Rock"- LP to be released 1/28/14

Releasing our 2nd LP – “Dad Rock” on 1/28/14 – SHOW AT PIANOS on Friday, 1/31/14

The Harmonica Lewinskies "Dad Rock"- LP to be released 1/28/14

The Harmonica Lewinskies “Dad Rock”- LP to be released 1/28/14

On Tuesday, January 28th 2014, we are releasing our 2nd full length album. 13 songs capturing the Lewinskies mayhem, soul, and blues. Check it out at:

or on Itunes or!


The Harmonica Lewinskies

COME SEE US AT OUR “SOFT RELEASE” PARTY AT PIANOS (Stanton and Ludlow in Manhattan) at MIDNIGHT on FRIDAY 1/31/14


Our shows for August!

Come see us act in the Odd.A.See, Exquisite Corpse Company’s production of Homer’s epic.

  • August 16th (Friday) at SPiN on (48 East 23rd St in Manhattan)
  • August 17th – Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen Showcase at Muchmore’s (2 Havemeyer Street, Brooklynt). 10pm.
  • August 15 (Thursday)
  • August 22 (Thursday) – 10pm at the Arts@Renaissance (2 Kingsland Ave in Brooklyn)

We hope to see you all soon! Keep up to date with the Lewinskies.

We have a new single, entitled “Put Your Mouth On Me,” due out next month!


Lewinskies’ Shows for April 2013

  • April 13th (Saturday) 9pm at The Bowery Electric (Manhattan – 3rd and Bowery)
  • April 18th (Thursday) 9pm at Pianos (Manhattan – Stanton and Ludlow) with The Dough Rollers
  • April 26th (Friday) 10pm at Arlene’s Grocery (Manhattan – Stanton and Ludlow)

Don’t miss these wonderful shows and listen to our music for free at


The Deli Magazine – Artist of the Month Voting (WE NEED YOUR HELP)

Hey yall,

Vote for us for Artist of the Month. The Deli Magazine is a very important music zine around our parts and all we need is the click of your mouse to make our dreams come true.

Please visit the website below and make our dreams come true.


Along with the release of our new EP, entitled “Salad Days,” which will be available March 9th, 2013 on…

THE HARMONICA LEWINSKIES are playing three Thursdays in a row in March 2013 at Piano’s (on Ludlow and Stanton in Manhattan)! – March 14th (10pm) – March 21st (11pm) – March 28th (11pm)

Anyone who comes to all 3 shows gets a free t-shirt!

21 and up

$8…for tickets and more details go to:

MARCH 14th

10pm Harmonica Lewinskies and special guests

9pm AmeriGoGo
8pm Blacktop Daisy

 MARCH 21st
12am Bantum
11pm Harmonica Lewinskies
10pm Ghost Pal
9pm Eric Babini
8pm Melanie Lynx
7pm Jacob Jeffries
MARCH 28th
12am Viva Mayday
11pm Harmonica Lewinskies
10pm The Great American Novel
9pm The Morningsiders
8pm The Time is An Ocean (Sweden)

THIS SATURDAY – February 16th at The Lab (Brooklyn)!

Ladies and gentlemen of our beautiful nation,

come see THE HARMONICA LEWINSKIES this Saturday at the Lab (224 Wycoff Ave, Brooklyn, NY). We go on at around 10pm, but come see our good Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen Friends: DR. SKINNYBONES, THE GREAT AMERICAN NOVEL, and SONS OF AN ILLUSTRIOUS FATHER.

See you there ya beautiful sons of bitches (doors open 8pm, $5)


Shows this Thursday (Jan. 31) and Saturday (Feb. 2)

THURSDAY (JAN. 31st ) – at PIANOS’s (on ludlow and stanton in Manhattan) at 11pm
SATURDAY (FEB. 2nd) – at 111 Rogers Ave in Brooklyn at 10pm

School just started…you know what that means…
time to reacquaint yourself with THE HARMONICA LEWINSKIES, drink some dranks, and get naked.